Child Sponsorship

Giving is Receiving

To sponsor a child is to not only provide for the needs of someone else, it is to experience the joy that comes from giving and to know that your sphere of influence and care extends into the world.

Cost of Individual Child Sponsorship:

Full individual homestay sponsorship: $80 USD or $120 AUD or $120 CAD per month per child  

Part individual sponsorship: Whatever you would like to contribute

Covers: food, clothing, lodging, basic educational costs, medical and transport.

Yearly Educational Cost

Yearly educational: $124 USD or $167 AUD or $167 CAD per child per year.

This could also be a whole house project donation of $744 USD or $1000 AUD or $1000 CAD (6 children) (This is in Nepali currency Rs 90,000)

This provides two sets of school uniforms and shoes, bags, notebooks, study books, tuition fees and education tour fees. 

This payment is required at the start of each year for the commencement of the school year in April.

Payment Method

Payments are made via Action International, a Canadian organisation assisting small not for profit organisations. The links for each child is listed below and reports of the children’s progress will be provided through the project manager of Action International.

Action International

Meet the Children

Sachin K

Birth year: 2009

Sachin originated from the remote North-West of Nepal. His family situation was particularly disadvantaged as they were from a low-caste Hindu background.

Sadly, Sachin lost his mother at a young age. When his father remarried, his new step-mother did not accept him as part of the family. The severity of her treatment caused Sachin to run away and take shelter with a kind neighbour who found him a place at Hope Home in 2019.

Since finding his new family, Sachin has developed wonderfully. He has been provided with nutritious meals and the loving and encouraging support that comes from a caring family environment.

Yalas D

Birth year: 2010

Yalas comes from remote west Nepal from a small village. He lost his mother at an early age when she left one day, never to return. 

Yalas was well loved by the village. He was born with a disability which prevented him from being able to stand. When his father couldn’t afford for the necessary hospital treatment, the village raised the funds to give him the capacity to walk. However, when his father was travelling from the hospital to the village, he was injured in a serious bus accident. 

Yalas was then required to work as a labourer to help with the financial suffering the family endured. The local pastor from the village was very concerned for Yalas’ health and recommended that he be cared for at Hope Home. His father agreed and Yalas arrived in 2019. 

Sandip M

Birth year: 2009

Sandip originates from an outlying district of western Nepal.

Sandip lost his father at a very young age. His father had secured work in India, but when he became ill was unable to afford the necessary treatment and sadly passed away.

Sandip’s mother was blamed for the tragedy and forced from the community. The only employment was to be found in another township and Sandip was left to be cared for by his grandparents.

Being agricultural workers, they too found it too difficult to properly care for Sandip and found him proper care at Hope Home in 2018.

Sandip has developed into a very robust and courageous young person who excels in his education and is a very positive role model.

Sandip is partially funded.

Rista T

Birth Year: 2010

Rista is from the District of Dhading. Her family are low-caste Hindu and suffer from the disadvantages that come with poverty and the lack of education. Children from this type of situation in Nepal are often targeted by sex traffickers who deceive families into selling their children into slavery.

Rista lost her mother at the age of seven years. When her father remarried, she was taken in by relatives.

The relatives convinced Rista’s father that she would be best cared for by Hope Home. She joined the home in 2019 and has blossomed ever since.

Safal M

Birth Year: 2005

Safal was born in a remote village in Nepal. He lost his father who died mysteriously because of a lack of medical support. Safal’s grief drove him to run away from home repeatedly and he refused to attend school or to comply.

His family found him a place at Hope Home which he joined in 2018
Through the care and support of the home, Safal regained trust in those around him. He has become an active and helpful role model to the younger children in the home, fully participating in family life and his education.



Smritee comes from a background of family tragedy and poverty.

Being without parents, she was left in her grandparent’s care. Further impoverishment meant this was no longer possible, so her grandparents referred her to Hope Home for continued care in 2019.

Since coming to the Home, Smritee has enjoyed the company of the other children, the warmth that comes with a caring family, wonderful nutritious meals and schooling.

My visit to Hope Home was profoundly life changing and my sponsorship is so truly satisfying. I know that these precious children are in the hands of God and parents Nepal and Sapana and their families. Within this loving home are great family values and principles of life including the importance of education.

– Elizabeth Flood, Australia NSW.