What’s special about Care and Compassion Home?

Welcome to the Care Family

Care Home raises children who have been orphaned or severely disadvantaged, in a secure family environment. These vulnerable children are given the rich experience of family with their loving house parents.

Care provides a holistic development for life by encouraging physical, mental, emotional and spiritual maturity. As the children grow, they learn to be more interdependent and contribute to their community and country.

The organisation has been provided with a beautiful facility in which to raise the children who have been entrusted to the home parent’s care. The home is in a beautiful rural, mountainous setting in Godawari which is located in the Kathmandu valley. The beauty of the neighbouring rice fields, surrounded by mountains is breath taking.

The Care Home parents are well respected in the community as their generosity of spirit and friendship are well received. Their enterprising nature enables them to contribute to the community through active and supportive involvement.

What makes Care and Compassion Home unique?

Focused on Developing Leaders

Care Home focuses on developing the next generation. What is sown into the lives of the children today will bear fruit in their adult lives and produce strong vibrant community leaders.

Care Home’s efforts are to restore lives today. As these children grow in wholeness they become valuable members of the community. The healthy development of children is an important and integral part of any society and enables each child to develop to their full potential.

Focused on a Family Environment

Children need a family environment to develop normally within. The family is the foundational school of life which launches them into the future.

The children are no longer called orphans once they are restored into this home. This type of children’s home is not a formal institution or ‘orphanage’ but rather a home with parents, siblings and with extended family relationships.

The children still maintain connections with their family of origin if this is possible and are able to visit their relatives during holiday periods.

Focused on Community

Children are part of the family and families make up the local community. At Care Home children grow up in the community and they are taught to also contribute to this community. The community is also responsible for providing the best environment for the children in mutual support.

Focused on Faith

The children are taught about their Creator and are encouraged to learn and grow emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. They are taught to derive their sense of self worth from the One who created them and to develop Godly lives that equip them to live as Christ created them to do. This is done in the context of the broader local Christian community who meet regularly as the community home-based church.

Care Home – a life-long process

The Home’s purpose as explained by Nepal the home father is “Children today and Leaders tomorrow.” It is his aim to raise well adjusted, educated and spiritually mature Nepali individuals.

When the children first enter the home, they spend most of their time initially with Nepal as father during the day. This is to encourage a strong and trusting bond to begin to develop. This helps the children to have trust and confidence in Nepal which can later translate into trust in their Heavenly Father. As they adjust and feel more secure and confident, they are gradually introduced to the full activities of the home. They are further nurtured by the whole family, throughout their life as they grow in confidence. This also involves Bible study and prayers in the home. Their leadership skills are developed through being given important roles within the home as well as important roles within the house church that meets at Hope Home.

The children, when they have graduated from tertiary studies, are well prepared to be upright citizens within the context of their employment. They are studying to be doctors, nurses, schoolteachers, food technologists, hospitality and computer studies.

Care Home Graduate

Asha grew up in Care Home and now works teaching in a local school. She completed a bachelor of Business.