Come Visit

Nepal Visits and on-site learning

Hope Home is well equipped to accommodate visitors who wish to experience authentic Nepali culture in a beautiful rural setting at a very economical rate.

The fourth floor of the home has two bedrooms with individual en-suites and common room for discussion, reflection and prayer. Delicious Nepali food is served from the kitchen. The life of the family, as well as the surrounding community, can be enjoyed with support from the home parents, Nepal and Sapana.

The whole family speaks English which makes communication easier for English speakers.

Be a part of Hope Home

Organically grown Okra ready for a delicious curry meal. Aussie visitor Sherylyne Moran with Sapana in 2018.

“My experience at Hope Home changed my life”. Sherylyne Moran

Other ministries

Potable water is an essential need for Nepali people. At Hope Home visitors can see a brilliant, yet economical sand filtration system which can be duplicated in other projects around the world. In addition, brother Nepal also teaches both Nepalis and Westerners an organic farming method known as SEED (Something to Eat Every Day).

SEED is the use of a small plot of land with systems that maximizes production . It also uses the recycling of vegetation into the farming of pigs, fish, goats, and chickens etc. He also trains pastors and leaders from remote Nepal villages in this system.

Organic farming

Father Nepal teaches Sandip the responsibilities of rearing goats.

Goat meat is a delicacy in Nepal and greatly enjoyed.

Money earned from raising animals is used to supplement food costs.

The children learn about agricultural economics at a young age.


Good health at Hope Home

Sand-filtration units providing potable water – essential for good health at Hope Home 

Provide leadership training for the local church

Partner organizations can share their well-developed strategies with the local church for multiplying disciples. Utilize the respected and effective networks that have been developed by Hope Home father BR Nepal (Nepal) within the community and the local church. By utilizing his contacts with 12 house church pastors in the area, partners can secure this local contact. He can also coordinate the training and support of Nepali Christian leaders to help train in the multiplying principles of church planting and discipleship.

Send teams to help with identified projects

There are a wide variety of projects that Western teams can contribute considerably to. These would be aligned to the skills and interests of the team and the needs of Hope Home.

USA Training and Painting.

During the 2015 earthquake, Hope Home was considerably damaged with repairs to the home taking one year to complete before the home could even be reoccupied. The children and parents were accommodated in tents during that lengthy period of time.

By 2018 there was still much to complete. A team from the USA planned to support the local church with training and on hearing of the need at the home decided to use their time to support the home as well.

In classic sky blue, they painted the first two stories of the home’s interior. They not only did this, but also provided painting instruction for some of the older children in the home.

Such support is invaluable and a great blessing.

Projects could include: House repairs, gardening restoration, building, microbusiness setup.

Share your knowledge

 In 2018 an American team trained some of the Home children in the art of painting and the interior of the first two stories was completed.

Safal became very proficient at painting and greatly enjoyed working with the American team.