Special Projects

Each year the home has special needs that are outside of the scope of child sponsorship.

An important need is the house parent’s wages (Mother and Father). These are $86 USD ($143 AUD) per month or $1032 USD ($1,716 AUD) per year.

Other special projects are prioritised items required by the home.

Special Hope Home Project Needs 2020

Solar Panel for
warm water

60,000 RUPEES
(approx. $500 USD or $715 AUD)

Shower Hot Water
Heaters x 2

29,000 RUPEES
(approx. $240 USD or $300 AUD)

(for blackout periods)

70,000 RUPEES
(approx. $580 USD or $850 AUD)


40,000 RUPEES
(approx. $330 USD or $480 AUD)

Large heater
and gas cylinder

13,400 RUPEES
(approx. $110 USD or $160 AUD.)

Washing Machine 10kg

75,000 RUPEES
(approx. $620 USD or $900 AUD)

Action International

Winter gift

New winter bedding provided by Aussie visitor Elizabeth in 2018

Australian visitor

Elizabeth is with house mother Sapana in 2018 meeting a neighbour.

Christmas Special

This is identified at the end of the year.

In 2019, Albury Presbyterian Churches provided $500 AUD which paid for winter clothes and a holiday trip to the zoo.